OnPage Shows Off its ConnectWise integration at IT Nation 2016

How does OnPage connect wisely with ConnectWise?

A question many asked us at IT Nation 2016 in Orlando last week was ‘How do you connect with ConnectWise?’ The simple answer is, through a direct API. ConnectWise’s robust ticketing system sends a message when a ticket is created. OnPage turns that message into a loud and audible alert.

Many MSPs use RMMs like LabTech to monitor multiple endpoints. When an issue arises such as a downed server or a potential malware infection or one of many other incidents, the RMM sends an alert to ConnectWise. ConnectWise in turn creates a ticket and based on the alerting profile set by the user – such as alert me when the coffee pot is empty or there is a serious client issue – sends a callback to OnPage.

OnPage integration enables your MSP to shine

By integrating with OnPage, your ConnectWise system now enables automatic priority alerts based on ticket severity. When an issue arises and a ConnectWise ticket is created that meets the priority level you specify, your MSP on-call engineer will immediately be alerted.

OnPage enables:

  • Unique real-time audit trail on escalation, delivery and response within the ticket.
  • Creation of OnPage groups, schedules and escalation rules.
  • Response time tied directly to client SLAs.
  • Full Visibility – End-to-end tracking of cases and real-time update of Ticket and SLA.

These unique OnPage features are what differentiates the product and frankly, differentiates your MSP. Most MSPs can offer the same malware protection or the same monitoring tools. By providing an immediate alert and response mechanism for after-hour alerting, OnPage becomes a must-have for MSPs.

At OnPage, we pride ourselves in bridging the gap between MSPs and the critical alerts they need to resolve. And, as a result of integration with OnPage, MSPs are able to streamline incident response and reduce alert noise.

OnPage talks IT security at IT Nation

A fair number of security integration tools were on display at IT Nation. You could have thought that security was all that ConnectWise did if you didn’t know better. But the truth is that security is a big issue for MSPs. According to Symantec, there were over 1 million attacks against people every day in 2015. Most businesses, without the aid of a knowledgeable MSP or internal team, are unable to effectively combat the threat.

I spoke to two of our existing MSP customers at IT Nation who use ConnectWise and OnPage to monitor their customer endpoints for security as well as stability. In speaking to Craig Isaacs of Michigan-based Cygnus Systems, I learned that Cygnus uses OnPage to alert to a variety of potential security threats.

According to Craig the issue with alerting is a matter of managing when you want to be alerted. Do you want an alert every time an unusual log-in occurs? Do you just want to alert on viruses? Discussion of these options is the job of a good MSP in collaboration with their client’s needs.

Based on the alert profile of the client, when a potential issue does arise, LabTech sends an alert to ConnectWise where a ticket is created and an alert is sent to OnPage. By using OnPage, Craig and his team can ensure that Cygnus gets security alerts that are immediate and actionable.

The other OnPage client I spoke with at IT Nation was Mike Silverman of Advanced Network Products (ANP). ANP handles businesses ranging from 10 users to businesses with 1000 endpoints. OnPage is an important tool in ensuring that alerts don’t fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, hackers and IT issues don’t keep 9-5 hours.

Specifically, ANP was having problems with after-hour alerts. By using OnPage in conjunction with ConnectWise, ANP’s NOC team and on-call engineer can now effectively manage issues when they happen. No more waiting 2 hours after an attack or issue has been detected and ticketed in ConnectWise. By using OnPage, Mike and his team are able to immediately alert the NOC team and then the on-call engineer if critical ConnectWise tickets are not addressed within the time span of the SLA.

Can’t wait for IT Nation 2017

I had a great time at IT Nation and loved getting to meet so many MSPs from around the world. As it was my first IT Nation, I really enjoyed getting to see all the tools that integrate with ConnectWise. I can’t wait until IT Nation 2017

For now, if you want to learn more about how OnPage and ConnectWise can work with your MSP, reach out and schedule a demo. We’d love to hear from you.