OnPage ensures compatibility with Android 7.0

Maintaining its customer and technology focus

OnPage, the leader in incident alerting and management for IT, healthcare and IOT, released the updated version of its application to ensure compatibility with Google’s Android 7.0 N operating system. Affectionately known as
Nougat, Android’s newest operating system was only around for a few weeks before the OnPage update was made.

Support engineer Alex Berkson indicated that creating the update was important for ensuring that OnPage users using OS N can receive critical notifications without interruptions.

The OnPage update continues to support the capabilities the app has historically demonstrated such as:

  • Secure alerting: All messaging is encrypted
  • Persistent messaging for up to 8 hours: Also known as alert until read, alerts will continue for up to 8 hours before expiring
  • Split Screen on Samsung devices
  • Real time communication: Instantaneous messaging with individuals or team members
  • Forwarding: Send messages to your team members to bring them into an important conversation
  • Prioritized messaging (High or low): Not all messages are created equal. Some messages require immediate attention (high priority) while some need attention but not right away (low priority)
  • HIPAA compliance: All messages are HIPAA compliant
  • Multiple ring tones and settings: Pick the ring tone you want to alert you
  • Ability to add attachments: Include images or voice attachments to your message to enhance your meaning
  • Ease of use: OnPage’s technology is intuitive. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

According to OnPage CEO, Judit Sharon, “OnPage is focused on its customers. We understand our responsibilities and stay ahead of the game in regards to OS changes. Our job is to avoid service glitches due to OS changes and to maintain service continuity.”

The updated OnPage app is currently available on Google Play .

About OnPage

OnPage is cloud-based incident alerting and management platform that elevates notifications on your smartphone so they continue to alert until read. Incidents can be programmed to arrive to the person on-call and can be escalated if they are not attended to promptly. Schedule a demonstration today!