OnPage is featured on ConnectWise Marketplace


OnPage has worked with ConnectWise for several years at this point. In conjunction, our tool sets have created solutions for MSPs that enable them to solve a number of their burning issues. ConnectWise enables the creation and monitoring of tickets from numerous platforms. OnPage, in turn, provides the platform for them to create alerts that feed back into ConnectWise tickets.

MSP pain points

Some of the biggest pain points for MSPs are:

  • Handling after-hours alerting by NOC teams
  • Missing alerts altogether
  • Monitoring tools not producing audible alerts
  • A lack of automated escalation

By using the OnPage in conjunction with ConnectWise, our MSP customers have been able to improve response times and better manage SLAs.

OnPage +ConnectWise solved all these problems and much more!

We know that ConnectWise and their customers need to ensure all critical alerts not only reach the right person at the right time but are also acted upon in a timely manner. The key is providing automatic, intelligent alerting that generates a complete audit trial, while at the same time doing it all seamlessly from within ConnectWise.

For the month of March, we are featured on the ConnectWise Marketplace. You can read some of our case studies and watch a video or two that our folks at OnPage have put together. To celebrate our month on the Marketplace, we want to give all MSPs a chance to try our product and a 15% discount when they decide to purchase! See us on the ConnectWise Marketplace.

Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help.