2020 Year in Review: OnPage Continues to Grow Despite the Pandemic

2020 year in review2020 was an unpredictable year that presented several challenges, such as the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As part of the “new normal,” the world has adopted infection prevention procedures. The 2020 calendar year was defined by face coverings, constant sanitization and physical distancing. At its core, the year was an exhausting, surreal 12-month period for many.

As an incident management and clinical communication company, we at OnPage, have witnessed COVID’s real-time impact on major industries. Despite the outbreak, our critical alerting solution continued to evolve. OnPage’s advanced capabilities helped organizations simplify incident management and relieve stress during COVID.

Below, we discuss how team OnPage continued to grow in 2020, and how our success can be attributed to customer acquisition, new feature development and positive product reviews.

OnPage Acquires New Customers

Growing concerns over the 2020 pandemic resulted in the displacement of key personnel and team members. Many IT incident responders have transitioned to work-from-home schedules and struggled to coordinate with their colleagues. This prevented IT teams from immediately responding to clients’ infrastructure issues. 

In healthcare, organizations have experienced an increase in inpatient admission. Clinicians had to take on more responsibility and provide immediate, quality care to those affected by COVID-19. Immediate response from physicians made the difference between life and death. According to a recent report, 56 percent of surveyed clinicians stated that delayed patient care led to more health issues in patients.

To get the best of the pandemic, many organizations have invested in critical alerting systems. OnPage was the first choice for many large, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our solution received a favorable response from customers seeking to enhance incident management. 

OnPage grew its customer base by 95 percent in the previous fiscal year. We’re grateful for our clients that trust OnPage for effective response team management and workflow simplification. 

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New OnPage Features and Integrations

In response to a growing number of customer feature requests, OnPage has developed and launched many long-awaited system capabilities in 2020. 

OnPage’s latest version bypasses the silent switch on all mobile devices. The bypass feature ensures that OnPage high-priority alerts are always heard regardless of one’s ringer volume or mobile device settings. 

Additional feature releases include:

  • Hand-offs and on-call reminders—Before an on-call shift begins, responders will receive an on-call reminder alert on the OnPage app.
  • On-call schedule exceptions—Exceptions come in handy when making one-time, manual adjustments to recurring schedules.
  • Sophisticated dashboard data—OnPage’s modern dashboard provides a detailed snapshot of responder activities and message statistics.

OnPage released integrations with popular monitoring services, such as Amazon CloudWatch and cloud access security broker (CASB) software. The integrations monitor cloud environments and automatically trigger OnPage mobile alerts when anomalies are detected. The integrations minimize the time it takes to identify and respond to critical cloud activities.

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Positive Product Reviews

OnPage has been recognized as a high performer in the incident management and IT alerting market. Throughout the year, OnPage garnered over 100 positive customer reviews on the G2 peer-to-peer review website. Our solution received praise for its effectiveness and ease of use, and our support team has been recognized for its quality of service.

OnPage rapidly gained traction in the market and is currently one of the most trusted real-time alerting systems. OnPage has been widely adopted and well-represented in several industries including, IT services, hospital and healthcare, law practices and more.

Features that helped solidify OnPage’s market position include:

  • Critical alerts that bypass the silent switch on mobile
  • Persistent, intrusive mobile alerting
  • Highly configurable, digital on-call schedules
  • Secure text messaging with attachment options
  • Post-incident reports and data visualizations 
  • Real-time views into all user activities
  • Automated alert escalations and redundancies

The Look Ahead

The OnPage team is looking forward to achieving even greater success in 2021. This year presents an opportunity to deliver our secure, critical alerting solution to more organizations around the globe. 

OnPage will continue to innovate and launch must-have product functionalities and out-of-the-box integrations. Future software developments include:

  • Customizable in-app user avatars 
  • In-app schedule forwarding
  • Synchronization of message templates from web to mobile

Whatever 2021 brings, we will continue to be committed to our customers. We’re eager to provide the industry’s ultimate alerting solution and ensure that critical notifications are never missed by response teams.

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